Our Services

  1. Regular meetings with participants.
  2. Individual care plans and training schedules.
  3. Placement in Training, Education, C.E & Employment
  4. Information workshops for host projects.
  5.  Assess client and assist them reach their goals through using  a shared care plan
  6.  Identify key issues with client and appropriate care or referral
  7. Profile existing organsations locally that may be of interest to clients
  8. Develop awareness strategies, give talks, hold workshops and network with broad range of groups
  9. Referrals into other services or re-entry are not met with long waiting lists, establish excellent networks


Preparing clients for the transition out of prison and into the community


Criteria for Clients using the Service

  • Live in Ballyfermot Task Force area.Age 18yrs or over.
  • Through an initial assessment be drug free or stabilised in their drug use and capable of engaging in the project.
  • Attending counselling or in treatment.
  • Interested in participating in a rehabilitation programme which may include training, education or employment